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Here you can find top apartments to rent in Vienna!

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In contrast to southern countries where home ownership is preferred, many favour renting apartments in Austria as it is the preference of the urban population in the Alpine Republic. There are many reasons why most of the city population would rather rent an apartment in Vienna than invest in a condominium or apartment. In addition to the high investment costs for condominiums and houses, comfort certainly plays a decisive role. In the case of rental apartments, there are no tedious tasks including garden care and other maintenance that a house or apartment owner has. The advantage of renting a property clearly outweighs the drawbacks of ownership, as the numbers show.

Are you looking for apartments for rent in Vienna in the near future?

If so, look at our range of rental properties. From one-room apartments to large-scale residential properties and chic maisonettes, we offer a wide range of apartments to rent to suit all types of needs. Most importantly, you will find an affordable apartment whose total rent does not overload your monthly budget.

How does the projekt promotion apartment search work?

In our apartment search, which you find HERE, choose the number of rooms, rental price, desired place of residence, and district. Finally click on SUCHE to see our rental apartments available. Here you have the overview of all apartments. Click on "more details" for a detailed description of the rental apartments. The price shown is the total rent, including operating costs. Without a doubt you will find countless apartments for rent in Vienna which fit all your needs.

Statistics and figures on the housing market in Vienna

There are around 1 million apartments for rent in Vienna alone, which is home to around 1.8 million people. Of these, more than 75% of all apartments in Vienna are available for rent. Around 10,000 of these rental apartments remain empty in the long term. Another 25,000 rental apartments have not been rented for up to two and a half years. According to estimates from 2014, around 80,000 people in Vienna were looking to rent an apartment. Around 5,000 to 7,000 rental apartments are continuously on the market, with non-profit building associations and local authorities as the municipality of Vienna remaining the most important players in renting social and affordable apartments.

Which apartments for rent in Vienna are most sought after?

Three out of four Viennese live in rented apartments. The demand for apartments for rent in Vienna has therefore remained high for many years, especially for first-time residences. An important criterion for those looking for a home is the level of rent, due to the fluctuating economy and situation on the job market. The total rent (rent excluding utilities) should not exceed one third of the household's net income.

Since living (in rented apartments) in the centre of Vienna is much more expensive, many apartment seekers consider the districts outside the belt. Statistics prove this shift.

Which neighbourhood is in demand?

In 2017, the 10th district of Favoriten received the most inquiries for apartments for rent in Vienna, replacing Ottakring as the preferred district in 2016. Apartments with a size between 50 and 60 m² are among the most popular properties, since the total rent for these residential properties is affordable. The 15th district of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus remains in second place—so it is still popular when it comes to renting an apartment. This district is located near the inner city, but at the same time, apartments for rent in Vienna in this district are much cheaper than in residential areas within the belt.

Vienna apartments for rent short term for the summer, holiday season, or school semester?

Vienna apartments for rent short term are popular for both students and professionals who need a dependable place to stay during their study time or professional development. These short-term rentals also provide a great way to spend time in the city and surrounding areas in an ideal and comfortable apartment for holiday makers and those who need time away from their daily routine. Vienna apartments for rent short term are both a convenient and effortless way to get the best out of the city without the hassle of demanding paperwork and bureaucracy.


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