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A liveable city - new apartments for sale in Vienna!

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Buying apartments for sale in Vienna is a safe and secure investment when it comes to living. Property performance is largely independent of capital markets and, as a solid real asset, the purchase of new, first-time housing offers long-term protection against inflation. In addition, it is a favourable time to buy apartments for sale in Vienna as interest rates on mortgages are low. On top of that, Vienna has been recognised by the US consulting firm Mercer in its ‘Quality of Living’ survey for the 9th consecutive year as the most liveable city in the world (see more here

The metropolis owes this top position to its many historical monuments, high proportion of greenery, and lively economic, social, and cultural life. These add to the reasons to buy apartments for sale in Vienna. Due to the growing popularity of the city and increase of inhabitants in recent years, property developers and project developers are again investing heavily in residential construction. Regardless of whether it is for new construction projects on the outskirts of the city or for the revitalisation of Wilhelminian style houses, location is increasingly becoming a decisive factor on the Vienna real estate market.

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Condominiums Vienna - Buy first-occupancy apartments - Living in Vienna

Living in Vienna equates to roughly 1 million apartments for nearly 1.8 million people. More than 75% of all apartments in Vienna are rented out, whereby non-profit building associations and local authorities, such as the municipality of Vienna, remain the most important property owners.

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First-occupancy apartments for sale in Vienna

Many prospective buyers want to buy apartments for sale in Vienna, especially as a first occupancy. These properties are in high demand in Vienna. The dream of having your own four walls is shifting towards apartments instead of houses. Maisonette apartments are particularly popular with one room, usually a bedroom with an individual balcony, situated on a different floor than the rest of the occupied space. Another highly sought-after choice are spacious terraces at the front of the apartments. These attributes radiate the image of a house and, at the same time, offer all the advantages of an apartment.

Commission-free buying

Prospective buyers are reluctant to pay high commission fees on real estate agents for their first property. Typically, these fees are based on the purchase price of the property.

The most beautiful apartments for sale in Vienna

Being the most liveable city in the world, Vienna certainly lives up to the recognition. The official city website offers great tips on things to do in the city as well what is popular and trendy including places to live. Both the 16th and 17th districts are currently hotspots for apartments for sale in Vienna. For a few years now, many apartments in these areas have been renovated and sold.

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Checklist: What is important when moving for the first time?

Even if the apartment is commission-free, it is not usual to pay the purchase price directly in cash. This is typically completed via an escrow account where an independent third-party handle manages the transfer.

To make the most out of your purchase of a property, pay attention to following items to ensure a secure investment and smooth transition into your new home. Be proactive, find out during the inspection:

  • if the building is new or old?
  • the year of construction of the building.
  • which floor is the apartment is located? If a neighbouring house is torn down and rebuilt at some point, how does it affect your apartment (i.e., shadows, poor lighting conditions, noise, etc.).
  • how well is the whole building insulated?
  • if there is a lift in the building?
  • who is the property manager?
  • what are the monthly operating costs?
  • what are the expenses in terms of area, location, and floor?
  • does work remain unfinished on the property? Does it need renovation?
  • can the apartment be moved into immediately?
  • how many pairs of keys are handed over?
  • what are the conditions of the apartment? If you move out, can it be rented?

Apartments for sale in Vienna as an investment for later

When buying real estate, there are many things to be considered including the option of using the space as an investment property. A condominium—especially in maisonettes or new buildings—is an excellent investment. However, it is necessary to anticipate what your future will bring. Do you plan to live in it long term or for a shorter amount of time?

As mentioned above, Vienna is a city with a severe shortage of housing. Many property owners chose to put their apartments on the rental market and emphasise its advantages: 16th district, quiet location, terrace, new building, commission-free. These apartments are extremely popular and give the property owner many options.

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